BTS Makes Their Debut On Forbes’ List Of 100 Highest-Income Celebrities

They’ve made their debut on the list.

BTS has been acknowledged by Forbes as one of the top 100 celebrities in the world with the highest income.

The group placed #43 on the list with Forbes stating that BTS earned $57 million USD pretax income last year, 2018. This is BTS’s debut in the list.

Forbes stated that BTS made most of their sales with their “Love Yourself” series. Through their tour, the boys were able to perform in huge venues worldwide and gained major profit from ticket sales.

BTS reportedly had over 6 million plays in the United States, which rakes them in approximately $44 million USD. From their tours, they sold close to 300,000 tickets which would garner them arond $7 million USD.

BTS had high profits in various fields, such as movies, games, and advertisments on top of their performances. Forbes stated that on November of last year, the “Burn The Stage: The Movie” sold over $18.5 million USD worldwide.

Source: Naver