BTS Makes Major Milestone Record On Circle Chart Despite Current Enlistment

Their success knows no bounds!

Even though all of BTS‘s members are currently enlisted in the military, they continue to make records and reach impressive milestones in the K-Pop industry!


And not only are all of the members completing their enlistment, but it has been over three years since they released their last full-length studio album — BE in November 2020 — yet they still continue to make a steady stream of album sales. In fact, they made over 820,000 sales though the entire year of 2023 (not including their solo albums), and have already sold over 102,000 copies in 2024!


And thanks to the albums sold in the last month, BTS has now become the first K-Pop artist to surpass a whopping 40 million physical albums sold according to Circle Chart.

Here’s a breakdown of their album sales, showing sales numbers by album and year, as well as how everything totals together.

BTS’s album sales over the years

On a Reddit post discussing the accomplishment, this user also broke down the sales made for each of BTS’s albums, as well as how many versions there were of each album. A lot of versions of an album can definitely help with sales, yet BTS never surpassed four versions and still reached 40 million albums sold.

At this time, the second-best-selling K-Pop artist is SEVENTEEN, who has sold around 33 million albums. After that, in third place is Stray Kids, with around 21 million albums sold.

SEVENTEEN | Pledis Entertainment
Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

Here’s how fans are reacting to this impressive news on the above-mentioned Reddit post.

Congratulations to BTS on this incredible achievement! It will be interesting to see just how many more albums they sell once they all finish their enlistment periods in 2025.

Source: Reddit