BTS’s Maknae Line Prove To Be Truly Chaotic Siblings By Showcasing Their Workout Routine

J-Hope was unlucky enough to be caught up in the chaos!

Since BTS debuted back in 2013, the members have gained praise for having a relationship that can be compared to a family rather than just an idol group. In every family, the youngest siblings are always truly chaotic, and it’s the same for BTS’s maknae line consisting of V, Jimin, and Jungkook.

(left to right) BTS’s V, Jimin, and Jungkook | BTS/Facebook

Throughout the years, the trio has treated ARMY to some hilarious moments that showcased just how close the members are, whether it’s teaming up against each other or their older members.


It was no different after BTS released some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of “My Universe,” which was their collaboration with Coldplay. From the very beginning, the maknae line definitely stole the hearts of ARMYs. 

Within the first minute and a half, Jungkook and Jimin showcased their brotherly love for each other. While all the members were singing, Jimin could be seen going in to punch Jungkook playfully. Although the clip was cut, both idols had cheeky grins.

However, the most chaotic part of the video included all three members. After Suga revealed the reason his hair was pink for the music video…

The video quickly cut to what looked like the youngest members working out. Jungkook explained to Jimin to “Push out with your lats,” and it all seems like it was to help his member make his triceps bulge more if Jimin’s visuals weren’t enough to send ARMY into meltdown anyway.

Of course, V didn’t want to be left out and joined Jungkook in helping Jimin because two heads are better than just one…

V then changed sides and went to help Jungkook help Jimin by making sure that the youngest member’s posture was perfect by applying pressure to Jungkook’s arms as he moved them up and down… Even if Jimin pointed out that it was just creating more work for him because he was now carrying the strength of both Jungkook and V.

After realizing what was happened, Jimin and V then teamed up on the maknae in an attempt to help Jungkook improve his physique even more (if that’s even possible).

Unfortunately, even though J-Hope‘s role seemed to be as a spectator of this chaos, it didn’t last long. As expected, as much as the youngest members like teasing each other, they prefer to team up against the older members more.

Despite J-Hope’s protests by saying, “I don’t have any strength left,” the youngest members insisted on helping improve his condition.

V was the final member to showcase the “maknae line workout,” and even after practicing with the other members, the idol wasn’t sure Jungkook was doing it correctly. He exclaimed, “This doesn’t work when my arms aren’t bent.

If this is the workout BTS does on a daily basis, it isn’t a surprise that maknae line has always been praised for their physiques and muscles.

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