BTS’s Deleted Tweet Is Driving Fans Bananas, In The Best Way

ARMY is scrambling to find out what it all means.

When it comes to BTSARMY knows there’s no such thing as coincidence!


On January 7, BTS dropped their first bomb of 2020: the release date for Map of the Soul: 7. So far, details are scarce, but fans believe Map of the Soul: 7 is the sequel to BTS’s Map of the Soul: Persona album.


Map of the Soul: 7 was officially announced on Weverse and through Big Hit Entertainment‘s official BTS Twitter account. According to fans though, the members also dropped a hint!


This mysterious tweet vanished as quickly as it appeared, but not before thousands of ARMYs saw it.


Who tweeted it? Who deleted it? And why? Why? These burning questions are driving fans bananas!


Everybody wants answers ASAP, but if they can’t have answers, theories are the next best thing!


For now, all anybody knows is that #7isComing on February 21. Pre-orders begin on January 9, so prepare your wallets (and your hearts), ARMY!

BTS Announces Comeback Date For “Map Of The Soul: 7”

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