BTS Shares The Stories Behind Their “Map Of The Soul On:e” Sets

It’s all about the details.

BTS is taking us behind the scenes of their Map of the Soul On:e concept photobook!


In a new behind-the-scenes video, the members share their thoughts about the shoot, while providing details about their solo sets. Each set was built to reflect songs from BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 album.

“For my theme of ‘Filter,'” Jimin said. “we shone a lot of different colors on my face and tried to capture my expressions behind them. I think the photos where we used colored cellophane for lighting would be the highlight photos.”


“There’s June 13th and September 12th. All the lyrics are written here,” RM said. His track was “Intro: Persona.” “If you look, there’s an ‘R.’ You might already know, but I shot with ‘Persona’ as the theme, which is my identity as well as my solo track. I think this set is about me as the subject of the photo standing in front of a projected image of myself.”


“This set is connected to the theme of ‘UGH,'” Suga said. His solo song is “Interlude: Shadow,” but he also performed “UGH” with RM and J-Hope. “With ‘UGH’ I kind of, really liked professional wrestling when I was young, so when we were designing the stage, the director and I talking about setting it up this way.”


Jungkook explained how his set, which features a giant clock and multiple mirrors, reflects his past and present.


It was a set related to my solo track, ‘My Time.’ There’s my unstable self, but also myself as an adult or me when I was a kid. It’s like a don’t know myself either. That’s the vibe I got. I think it was a shoot that represented my complicated thoughts.

— Jungkook

Jin‘s set for “Moon” was inspired by a famous French novella called The Little Prince.


So there’s me and the earth floating together in space. While deciding on the concept, I asked them to make it reminiscent of The Little Prince. So I think they went with a similar setup.

— Jin

The neon-lit nightscape for “Outro: Ego” is all about J-Hope.


Everything here has to do with me. Kind of like that [. . .] I took photos with these neon signs and everything. I think the photos turned out really well. I think this mood really suits me.

— J-Hope

V didn’t comment on his set for “Inner Child,” but fans can probably expect to see more “V cuts” from the shoot.


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