BTS’s “MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona” Trailer Is A Blast From The Past

BTS’s comeback trailer is full of references to past works, including “No More Dream”.

The first teaser video for BTS‘s 2019 comeback is here and it’s taking fans back in time!


On March 27, BTS dropped the first trailer for their upcoming album MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona, which is dropping April 12. Both the video and song are filled with references to BTS’s past work. It opens with graphics…


…that are extremely similar to those used in the 2014 comeback trailer for Skool Luv Affair. 


RM starts off by rapping in a classroom that is much like the classroom from…


…BTS’s “No More Dream” teaser. The chalkboard behind RM is scribbled with references to the past and to BTS’s upcoming concept, which is expected to explore the question “who am I?”.


Check out the trailer and see how many references you can spot!