“The Masked Singer” Drops Cryptic Hint About BTS

After seeing this hint, fans don’t know what to expect.

FOX‘s The Masked Singer has BTS fans buzzing with excitement!


The Masked Singer is an American singing competition featuring costumed celebrities. Each celeb sings while wearing a mask, to hide their identity from contestants, panelists, and the audience.


The show is based on South Korea’s King of Mask Singer, which Jungkook competed on and Jimin appeared as a panelist.


On September 18, The Masked Singer‘s official Twitter account replied to an ARMY, saying to expect the unexpected.


Fans have a lot of questions and doubts about whether BTS will actually appear on the show, due to their recent vacation and current schedule. Others predict that J-Hope‘s top-secret LA trip has something to do with it.


The Masked Singer Season 2 premiers on September 25. Watch the preview here: