BTS’s McDonald’s Meal Doesn’t Include A McFlurry, But Here’s Why They’re Selling Like Crazy

Here’s why McDonald’s prepared for BTS to sell out Oreo McFlurries.

As soon as BTS‘s collaboration with McDonald’s was announced, excited fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the upcoming meal.

With the reveal of 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, a Coke, and two new sauces (Cajun and Sweet Chili), ARMYs lined up to eat like BTS. There was one item missing, though.

| @McDonalds/Twitter

Although an Oreo McFlurry isn’t part of The BTS Meal, here’s why McDonald’s was already prepared for the many fans who’ve been adding it to their meals and skyrocketing its sales.

V | @McDonalds/Twitter

Courtesy of a McDonald’s employee that’s also a BTS fan, they revealed a restaurant brief where workers were notified beforehand that the demand for McFlurries would increase “due to popularity with BTS fans online.” Here’s the adorable clip that went viral and sparked fans’ love for the dessert.

When V headed to McDonald’s to order for himself and his members, he flexed his English skills by asking for a single Oreo McFlurry to enjoy all by himself. Naturally, fans couldn’t help but like Oreo McFlurries too.

V’s influence was so strong that not only did McDonald’s prepare for the increased sales but fans also noticed that the Oreo McFlurry was a top recommendation to go along with The BTS Meal.

Fans aren’t the only ones taking V’s recommendation, though. In an Instagram story from the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, one ambassador was captured getting The BTS Meal and adding an Oreo McFlurry, along with a shoutout to V.

Will you be joining all the ARMYs adding an Oreo McFlurry to their BTS Meals?

Source: McDonald's