A BTS Member Originally Was In Talks To Feature On Jimin’s “FACE” EP

We need that remix!

BTS‘s Jimin made his solo debut with his EP FACE in March of this year.


Now, BIGHIT MUSIC has released a documentary titled Jimin’s Production Diary via Weverse. It highlights the making of FACE, revealing some behind-the-scenes information.

Since it’s Jimin’s solo debut, it’s understandable that there would be no features. Still, since the BTS members are so close, it’s only natural that there would be some collaboration. So, RM served as a co-writer on both “Face-Off” and “Like Crazy.”


Yet, it’s now been revealed via the doc that another member was in talks to feature on one song.

BTS’s Suga

Producer Pdogg suggested that Jimin title his song “Set Me Free Pt.2” based on Suga/Agust D‘s “Interlude: Set Me Free.” He also suggested that Suga feature on Jimin’s track, doing a rap. So, Jimin spoke to Suga, who was eager to help.

There is Suga’s ‘Set Me Free.’ Then let’s make it ‘Set Me Free Pt.2,’ and let’s have a featuring of Suga. …We thought about Suga doing the rap part. That’s why you were going to let Suga hear the song.

— Pdogg

That was the initial plan, and while the song remained the same, there was no Suga feature after a producer suggested to Jimin that it was his story to tell. Still, they discussed a remix featuring Suga after finalizing the song.

I let him hear it, and I asked, ‘Suga, can you do this for me?’ ‘Hey, let me know if you need me. I will write it right away.’ We talked this much already. But… I have thought about this, and this is a story about you. Wouldn’t it be better if you write it? Producer suggested that to me. I thought that was right. We just used the name, ‘Pt.2.’

— Jimin

Unfortunately, no remix featuring Suga has been released yet.

Check out Jimin’s “Set Me Free Pt.2” below.