BTS Members Discuss Fate And What The Members Mean To Them In New “7Fates: CHAKHO” Interviews

BTS is showing us that fate is very much real.

BTS is no stranger to creating fictional realities. The BTS Universe is already a widely talked about concept that follows the boys’ music video plots throughout their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) era.

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Earlier this year, HYBE announced that they would be releasing a BTS Webtoon titled 7Fates: CHAKHO following 7 tiger hunters during a time in Korea when it was overrun with tigers.

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The highly anticipated Webtoon is set to release on Naver Webtoons on January 15th, 2022 and ARMYs have gotten bits and pieces in the months leading up.

Just last week, the official 7Fates: CHAKHO Twitter page uploaded images of each of the members with short blurbs as captions. Without much context, we just chalked it up to be what each of the members thought fate meant to them.

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And while the captions beneath each photo were enough to pique everyone’s interest, we didn’t have the whole picture. Luckily, the 7Fates: CHAKHO YouTube channel uploaded 7 new interviews of each of the members! Only about a minute long for each, the members answered two questions each: what is fate to them? and what do the members mean to them?

Everyone had a slightly different take on the questions, and we think that will have something to do with the plot of each of their characters in the upcoming webtoon!

Take a look below to see what each of the members said in depth.

1. RM

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Q. What is fate to RM?

RM: Let’s say that fate is like a road. If you only look up at the sky while you walk or run really fast, you’d wander off the road. I think you can walk down this road better if you look at the stones in front of you or someone’s footsteps. In that sense, fate is what’s closest to you yet only visible when you seek it.

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Q. What do the members mean to RM?

RM: Looking back, there were many things to smile and laugh about but also, many difficult moments. Even during the tough moments, we come up with things to laugh about—whether we’re being serious or as a joke—and then keep laughing. And after we do, we incredibly find the strength to get up and start walking again. I think we are friends so long as we have each other we can smile and laugh, come what may.

2. Jin

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Q. What is fate to Jin?

Jin: Um…I do think there is such a thing as fate. But I think it’s something that you choose rather than something that’s given to you. In the end, I think fate is the most important thing you choose in an unknown world. Fate is the path that you discover among countless forks in the road.

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Q. What do the members mean to Jin?

Jin: The seven of us have things in each of our lives that we deem valuable. Some things are similar, but others are very likely to be different. Even so, we’ve made the same choices when it came to the most important decisions. Making the same choices means that we’re looking in the same direction. In some ways we may be the most similar people in this wide and vast world.

3. Suga

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Q. What is fate to Suga?

Suga: I think fate is a test. Fate keeps you from becoming complacent. The moment you think something is fate, it asks you another question, and when you think it’s not, it gives you a new hint. I think fate is a test of shaping the right answer.

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Q. What do the members mean to Suga?

Suga: The time gone by feels long in some ways but short in others. If you only put the highlights together, it seems like we’ve had it easy, you know? But if you see beneath all that, it took us a really long time. life is a series of tests and it compels us to continuously pose questions and cast doubt about each other and about myself. And it was the members who got me to keep walking without giving up every time anxiety or doubt struck me.

4. J-Hope

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Q. What is fate to J-Hope?

J-Hope: I think fate is about realizing. While we live through life everyday, we rarely feel or think about what our fate is. But when a big moment hits you, you instinctively realize it right then and there. Fate is what you turn to at each turning point in life. You know, like a sign.

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Q. What do the members mean to J-Hope?

J-Hope: We are not beings easily granted to each other. I believe that we were able to share moments like this because we’d been constantly looking for each other for a long time. We are each other’s mirror, we find ourselves in each other. So we pull ourselves together and find the strength to take a step forward, as we look at each other like we look at ourselves.

5. Jimin

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Q. What is fate to Jimin?

Jimin: Perhaps fate is what you must uncover alone. It might be convenient to think that fate is sealed, but in reality, that’s not the case. You get lost and wander in that world more often than finding yourself on the right path. If you just give up because you’re lost, it seems that fate also loses its power. But if you think you’ll find it no matter what, then all the time that you’ve spent wandering around becomes fate.

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Q. What do the members mean to Jimin?

Jimin: The people who are always ready to get lost with me? The reason I’m not afraid or terrified of it is because I have these people by my side, who will always laugh and cry with me along the way.

6. V

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Q. What is fate to V?

V: I think fate doesn’t show itself easily, like playing a game of hide and seek. When you think that something is fate, it soon disappears. And when you think you have a grasp of it, it moves further away from you. In the end, fate is what keeps us moving forward while playing hide and seek.

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Q. What do the members mean to V?

V: I think i felt impatient when we first started out. And whenever I felt that way, our members who are by my side were the ones that i could signal SOS to. I think we recognize each other’s signals, and I think that’s how we were able to come this far without getting lost.

7. Jungkook

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Q. What is fate to Jungkook?

Jungkook: I think fate is the one thing you can’t change. The environment and conditions can be changed or are changed regardless of your intentions. But we all have that one thing that can never be changed. For me, it’s the seven of us being together, I can’t imagine my life without them. Which is why that’s my fate, and I am running along my fate.

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Q. What do the members mean to Jungkook?

Jungkook: Nothing is easy in this world, and we fall sometimes, too. I believe we were able to come this far because we supported each other. Of course sometimes we forget this. But when that happens, I remind myself that what is important to us isn’t the night sky far away, but us, holding each other’s hands right here, right now.

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