BTS Reveal Which Of Their Song’s Lyrics Mean The Most To Them, And The Reasons Are Heartwarming

They probably mean a lot to ARMY as well!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has released an endless amount of fantastic songs, all with very heartwarming and relatable messages.

The group recently appeared in an interview with Jaeki Cho for Amazon Music, and he asked the members if there were any specific lyrics from their songs that they loved.

For J-Hope, he pointed to a specific line in their 2020 song “ON,” which says, “Bring it, bring the pain, oh yeah.” For him, it has affected him more now than it has in the past.

It makes me feel like I’m somehow embracing the pain; it makes me feel brave, heroic almost. It’s a sort of lyric that brings ecstasy when I contemplate on it.

— J-Hope

Suga also agreed with J-Hope and picked a track from “ON.” He explains that, although he has written many lyrics over the years, the lines “Even if my knees drop to the ground, as long as they don’t get buried, it won’t matter” is something Suga is empathizing with a lot more.

Right now, with the pandemic, it’s not easy for many, and we went through tough times as well. But it’s not like we ever give up or let go of hope altogether, right? So, with the current situation we are in, I felt very comforted by this song recently.

— Suga

On the other hand, Jimin‘s pick was something more emotional, and it was the song “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)” which was written by RM but performed by the group’s vocalists. The line that stood out for Jimin was, “When the minute hand and second hand overlap, the world holds its breath for a while.

Even as I say it out loud right now, it gives me chills to think how he’d come up with lyrics like this. Sometimes, when midnight hits, I think about that and listen to the song sometimes.

— Jimin

There is no denying that all the group’s songs have some sort of meaningful message, and during the current pandemic, they are the perfect songs to bring hope and comfort to ARMY. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Amazon Music


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