Here’s How BTS Members Fared In The Global Handsomeness Ranking

BTS are world renowned for their visuals.

TC Candler have released their annual rankings of the most handsome faces in the world. Previously, BTS have done very well on this list. Will this trend continue?

The list factors in over 750+ million votes to determine which men have the most handsome faces worldwide. Our beloved BTS features prominently on this years list, are you curious where they ended up?

First up is J-Hope whose features landed him the place of #88 on the list. I’m sure A.R.M.Y would argue that he should be higher but even placing on the list of the 100 most handsome faces in the world is an accomplishment. His visuals are stunning, well done Hobi!

Next up is RM, who has been getting well deserved praise for his visual game recently. He places #79 on the list, the rapper has clearly charmed the world with his good looks.

The third member of BTS’ rap line, the ever fierce Suga has managed #67 on the list. The voters were clearly taken by Suga’s rarer softer side.

Jin is self proclaimed “Worldwide Handsome” and clearly everyone agrees as the visual finds himself #47. Jin continues to slay all of us with his visual prowess and this list reflects that.

Vocal legend Jimin storms into this list at #25. Many A.R.M.Y have pointed to his eyes in particular as his killer trait and evidently people agree as he finds himself high up this list.

V, the winner of the most handsome face in 2017 finds himself slipping to #5 this time around. This is strange as Taehyung is as handsome as he ever was and I am sure A.R.M.Y would agree.

Lastly, Jungkook finds himself in the bittersweet position of #2. The maknae is clearly highly rated for his visuals but many would argue that he should have the coveted spot of #1. What do you think? Is Jungkook the most handsome man in the world?