This Meme Perfectly Sums Up A Struggle That Any BTS Fan Can Relate To

The struggle is real 😂😭

With the release of the song “Run BTS” on their most recent album, PROOFBTS unintentionally (we think) made searching for certain content a little harder for fans and news sources alike!

Back in 2015, they released the song “Run”. Therefore, when you search “Run BTS” on any search engine, it’s impossible to predict if you’ll get results for “Run” or “Run BTS”!

Added onto the confusion is the group’s variety show, Run BTS. Once again, there’s a good chance you’ll get results for the variety show when Googling the two words without any kind of quotation marks!

Recently, a Twitter user uploaded a meme that perfectly encapsulates the confusion and dismay that comes with trying to find any of the three search results.

The comments on the post just show how common of a problem this is for BTS fans, which isn’t surprising!

Some fans have even commented with their own memes, such as this Spiderman one 😂

Others shared their screenshots trying to search for any of the three…

And even Billboard recently mistook one song for the other!

Maybe it’s actually a good marketing strategy, since it could get people to watch or listen to things they might otherwise not have! 😂