BTS Kicked Off 2021 With “MIC Drop”, And No, We Are Not Okay

They started the new year with a Bangtan bang.

BTS is kicking 2020 to the curb and ringing in the new year at 2021 New Year’s Eve Live (NYEL)!

| @weverseofficial/Twitter

This year-end concert, featuring Big Hit Labels artists and special guests, is bringing the energy we desperately need after a year of fear, uncertainty, and loneliness. BTS’s first performance of the year was “MIC Drop”, a powerful hip-hop anthem that’s letting 2021 know who is in charge.

V and Jungkook in their “MIC Drop” outfits. | Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

By now, ARMYs are veterans at weathering BTS’s “attacks”, but nothing could prepare them for “wolf Jin” and his jacket…

…rap master J-Hope

Jimin and Jungkook‘s fiery dancing…

V‘s attitude…

…or RM‘s swagger.

Please check on the ARMYs in your life. They might not have survived this!

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