BTS’s “Mic Drop Remix” Featured On HBO “Silicon Valley” Trailer

BTS breaks into HBO!

HBO’s Silicon Valley just dropped the trailer for their upcoming 5th season, and they used BTS‘s “Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) ft. Desiigner” as the backdrop sound.

Silicon Valley is a critically acclaimed American TV series about the awkward, yet hilarious, happenings of a group of men who launch a successful startup in Silicon Valley.

The trailer starts off with Richard Hendricks meeting his new co-workers, and BTS’s famous “Mic Drop” beat accompanies the scene.

All throughout the trailer “Mic Drop” can be heard in the background with Desiigner’s rap and RM’s verse making its features in between.

This marks another great accomplishment for BTS, as their awareness in the States is only continuing to grow higher.

Check out BTS’s “Mic Drop Remix” play throughout the trailer below: