Global Beauty Queen Chooses A BTS Member As Her Ideal Man

She has excellent taste.

BTS‘s handsome members have caught the eye of a certified beauty queen!

Do Ha Yeon | @ddddha_/Instagram

Meet Do Ha Yeon, the 2020 winner of the Miss Global Korea beauty pageant. According to the pageant’s official website, Miss Global Korea is about more than external beauty. Each year, the contest crowns a winner with the “inner beauty” and “intelligence” required to be a global ambassador for South Korea.

In addition to being crowned Miss Global Korea 2020, Do Ha Yeon is an athlete with a talent for rhythmic gymnastics.

Recently, when Do Ha Yeon was asked if she prefers “buff” men or “handsome” men, she chose handsome. Then, she picked the idol who she considers her ideal type of man: BTS’s V.


“A handsome man with good vibes like V,” she said.


Do Ha Yeon has excellent taste, but really, there’s no wrong answer here!


Watch the video here:

Source: Miss Global Korea