10 Moments Which Show The Full Range Of BTS’s Emotions At The Seoul Music Awards

BTS wasn’t sure if they should laugh or cry.

The 28th Seoul Music Awards just concluded and as usual, BTS caught everyone’s attention for their antics.

BTS ranged from mischievous to cute to emotional all in one show. These moments catalog this.

1. Everything happening here

As they are announced, Jungkook can’t help but examine the refreshments on offer and Suga can’t bring himself to get as excited as his group members.

2. They immediately started building a water tower

As you can see, all was normal for all of five minutes.

Then the water tower was complete. Another successful mission from BTS, apparently V was the primary architect.

3. Jungkook organizing his snacks

Jungkook is trying to keep things neat and tidy even though BTS’s table is now a mess.

4. Jin’s touching show of support for TXT

In BTS’s acceptance speech for their bonsang win, Jin personally asked ARMY to care of TXT who would be debuting soon.

5. Jimin’s “Borahae”

After hearing the applause for his hair color, Jimin pointed to his head and said “Borahae” which is the Korean for “I Purple You”, a phrase made famous by V who said it in BTS: Burn the Stage.

6. RM’s reaction when Drunken Tiger mentioned him

As Drunken Tiger was accepting his award for Hip-Hop/R&B performance, he mentioned RM who collaborated with him on his song “Timeless”. RM‘s reaction says it all.

7. Suga quickly getting rid of the evidence

The camera caught Suga playing around with a bottle, but he subtly got rid of it without drawing attention.

8. V throwing confetti at Jungkook

V made it his mission to cover Jungkook in confetti, and he succeeded.

9. Jin destroying the aforementioned water tower

Jin playfully knocked over V’s bottle tower with a bottle of his own.

10. Their daesang speech

BTS won the daesang (grand prize) and their acceptance speech was full of emotional quotes.

RM mentioned that BTS is as much ARMY’s fans as ARMY are their fans. What a touching sentiment from BTS’s leader.

Another award show, another daesang win for BTS. Congratulations!