BTS, First Group To Have 5 MVs Certified Over 400 Million Views

And DNA MV is close to hitting 600 million views.

BTS has become the first group to have four music videos with 400 million views and one music video with 500 million views certified by W-Chart.

According to W-Chart, “Dope”, “Mic Drop”, “Fire”, and “Fake Love” have been certified to have over 400 million views, and “DNA” over 500 million views.

More of BTS’s music videos are currently in the process of being certified: “Just One Day”, “Danger”, “War of Hormone”, and “I Need You” for 100 million views; “Spring Day” and “Not Today” for 200 million views; and “Idol”, “Save Me”, and “Blood Sweat & Tears” for 300 million views.

BTS’s “DNA” is expected to exceed 600 million views within the next week, breaking another significant milestone in music video records.

Not only that, “Blood Sweat & Tears” is also close to breaking 400 million views. When it does, BTS will have 6 music videos sitting at over 400 million views.

BTS remains strong beginning the year 2019, and are expected to break many more records as they progress even further.

You can watch BTS’s “DNA” MV here, currently sitting at 598 million views!

Source: Kyungbook News