Young & Rich: Here’s How Much Money BTS Is Making From Commercials

They’re making bank. Big time.

It’s no secret that BTS is making bank. Between album sales, sold-out merch, and spin-off media like 7FATES: CHAKHO, they’re swimming in cash.

BTS modeling Louis Vuitton

A large portion of the group’s profits for 2021 came from commercials and other promotional content. Last year, BTS continued their role as brand ambassadors for Hyundai and Samsung, while entering into new partnerships with big brands like McDonald’s.

BTS promoting Hyundai in 2021 | Hyundai

BTS earned $8.5 million USD from The BTS Meal campaign, but that’s just a drop in the bucket for these superstars.

V promoting The BTS Meal | @mcdonalds/Twitter

In total, BTS made $55.1 million USD through commercials alone. They were Korea’s top-earning CF Kings, but not the only celebs to earn big bucks through ads. Other CF stars include It’s Okay Not to be Okay actress Jun Ji Hyun ($12.5 million USD), Itaewon Class actor Park Seo Joon ($8.2 million USD), and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie ($4.1 million USD).

Brand ambassador Jennie modeling Chanel | Chanel
Source: Tatler