BTS’s New Figurines Left ARMYs Feeling Unprepared For So Much Chibi Cuteness

Their new “House of BTS” figurines are pure chibi cuteness:

On October 10, Big Hit Entertainment revealed they will be opening up a BTS pop-up store called “House of BTS” in the heart of Gangnam from October 18 to January 5.


This pop-up store will allow ARMY to experience the world within BTS’s music videos with plenty of special exhibits, pictures, and more. Fans will also get the chance to enjoy some food and beverages, and of course, get some unique BTS merch including the newly revealed “cute ones!”


On October 13, Big Hit Entertainment’s official merch Twitter account posted a mysterious tweet revealing that the “cute ones” were coming!


An hour after the original tweet was posted, fans got to meet the first of the “cute ones,” an adorable chibi version of RM!


And from there, ARMY didn’t get a single moment rest as the account continued to drop a whole lot of cuteness! First, they revealed everyone’s favorite worldwide cutie.


Then they introduced a sweetie with some serious swagger.


Following the sighting of Suga, fans got to meet everyone’s hope, J-Hope in full chibi cuteness…


Then our angelic Jimin


Our precious baby bear V


And the precious golden maknae, Jungkook!


With the cute ones bringing some serious uwu, ARMY felt seriously underprepared for so much cuteness! They’ve been falling hard for these cute chibi characters…


And are already mourning for their wallets!


Just like the extremely adorable BTS members themselves, these chibi figurines are stealing everyone’s heart!

Source: The Qoo