BTS Shares First Details About A New Music Video For Their Comeback

They brainstormed ideas about its concept, location, and more.

BTS is hard at work preparing for their October comeback, and they’re taking ARMY along for the ride.

This album promises to be the most personal addition to BTS’s discography, as BTS’s members are directly involved in all aspects of the creative process. While sharing a meal, BTS brainstormed ideas for a new music video that fans are sure to love.


and J-Hope suggested shooting the video like Jungkook‘s self-directed G.C.F. travel logs. G.C.F. films are sentimental, intimate, and shot through Jungkook’s eyes.

According to RM, the theme of the song for the MV is “life goes on”, and the video will reflect this. He proposed shooting scenes that would show how BTS’s life goes on during the pandemic.

Where will the MV be filmed? V suggested going outside of Gyeonggi-do and Seoul, while J-Hope envisioned a white-walled studio set with typewritten lyrics on the walls.

Suga suggested renting a house like they did in In the SOOP where they would be able to film scenes both inside and outside. They could juxtapose their working life and life behind the scenes, or as RM said, “the beautiful and realistic” to give it a dream-like quality.

Tell [the company] we want to alternate between these two realities in the video. What we took for granted just eight months ago is no longer possible. Expressing it calmly would fit the mood of the song.

— Suga

Another possibility is an MV that includes footage from their virtual concert(s), similar to the “Make It Right” MV, but with a twist. In the “Make It Right” MV, BTS is performing in person for fans, but this new MV would show what it’s like to perform without a live audience.

“Make It Right” MV | Big Hit Labels/Youtube

What will the final music video look like? We won’t have to wait much longer to find out. BTS is making their highly anticipated comeback next month!


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