BTS Want Another Season Of “Bon Voyage,” But RM Doesn’t Agree For One Important Reason

But RM, we want the show back ASAP!

Since debuting, BTS has treated ARMY to some amazing reality and variety shows over the years. One show that has always been particularly popular with fans is Bon Voyage.

The first episodes of the much-loved variety show aired in 2016 and since then, there have been four seasons of the members traveling around the world to different countries. From Europe, Hawaii, and New Zealand, the group has taken ARMYs on their journey across the world.

BTS ahead of “Bon Voyage” | BTS/VLIVE
BTS during season three of “Bon Voyage” | BTS/VLIVE

Ahead of the group’s 9th anniversary, BTS has been releasing photos and content for their 2022 FESTA. In particular, during one of the treats, the group recreated some of their old pictures, and one of them was from Bon Voyage. 

(top) The original image from “Bon Voyage” and (below) the recreation for “2022 FESTA” | @bts_bighit/Twitter

After the images were posted, BTS treated fans even more, *if that’s even possible.* They released some behind-the-scenes footage from when the members took the pictures.

During the video, the members reminisced on memorable moments while filming the show, and different parts of the photo made them think completely contrasting thoughts.

Yet, one thing that they all (well, most of them) seemed to agree on was how fun filming the series was. In particular, Suga pointed out that since they could now travel again after the pandemic, why didn’t they do another season?

The members immediately started thinking of places they wanted to go, with V wanting to visit Kota Kinabalu in Malayasia and Suga recommending another trip to Europe but to visit Switzerland.

Unfortunately, one member didn’t seem to feel the same way, and it was surprisingly leader RM. When the group was talking about it, RM replied, “You can count me out.” Although it was initially surprising, the caption reading, “RM has a bad memory with his passport during BTS BON VOYAGE,” seemed to make things clearer.

RM was, of course, talking about the time during the first season when the idol’s trip was cut short due to losing his passport. During the series, the group was in Sweden and was due to go to Finland. After losing his passport, RM had to go back to Korea while the other members continued their trip.

Although the members can joke about it now, it was tough for BTS to continue the trip with the same positivity after losing one of their members.

| BTS: Bon Voyage 1

Even though RM might not feel as confident about another series, ARMYs would undoubtedly love to see the show make a return. In the meantime, there is plenty of BTS content on its way with the group making a comeback.

You can watch the whole video below.