BTS Opens Up About Racism And More In The New Weverse Magazine

This new magazine goes into depth about BTS’s personal experience with racism during the pandemic.

After appearing in countless magazines around the world, BTS is now in one created by their very own agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

The Weverse app has launched Weverse Magazine with two in-depth stories about BTS: “Behind The Success Of ‘Dynamite'” and “BTS & ARMY, We Walk Together”. The first story is about the significance of “Dynamite’s” success, and the second is about BTS and ARMY’s joint experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many people, including BTS, the pandemic is a double-edged sword. Without it, “Dynamite” and all its historic achievements would not exist. The members would not have been able to replenish their physical and mental health through rest and relaxation, and they would not have had nearly as much time to work on new music.

On the other hand, the pandemic has taken away what BTS truly loves; performing for ARMY. The separation has been frustrating, to say the least.

Throughout the promotion [for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7] I felt powerless. Even when I sweated, it didn’t feel like sweat [and] sometimes when I was home after finishing shows earlier than usual, I felt like I was about to burst with rage like a crazy person.

— RM

Fear and misconceptions about COVID-19’s origins have also sparked racially motivated attacks, both verbal and physical, on Asian people. BTS themselves have been victims of this discrimination.

Weverse Magazine highlights one particular incident that happened when BTS visited SiriusXM in February. Host Howard Stern of The Howard Stern Show revealed that SiriusXM writer Sal Governale made a racist comment about BTS having the coronavirus.

 There’s no way those guys don’t have the coronavirus.

— Sal Governale, quoted by Howard Stern

In response, Howard Stern and producer Gary Dell’Abate shut down the comment on behalf of BTS and Asian people everywhere.

Every celebrity who walks through the SiriusXM door is traveling all over the world — not just Asians.

— Gary Dell’Abate, producer of SiriusXM

Weverse Magazine also delved into the death of George Floyd, BTS’s stance on racism, and the group’s $1 million dollar contribution to the Black Lives Matter movement that ARMY matched.

| CNN/

On June 4 (KST), BTS made a clear statement against racial discrimination and voiced their support for the BLM movement. When BTS donated $1 million to the non-profite Black Lives Matter Foundation, OIAA (One In An ARMY), a fan-based charity fundraising group, began to raise funds using the hashtag #MatchAMillion on June 6 (EST).

— Weverse Magazine

It just goes to show that dark times can bring out the worst but also the best in humanity. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, BTS striving to be a light by bringing positivity, love, and change to 2020.

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