BTS Reportedly In Finishing Stages For Their Next Album

Are you ready A.R.M.Y?

K-pop is now more global than it has ever been. This year will be another year of K-pop making its way onto international stages.

In 2018, BTS took over the Billboard charts, the index of global pop music, and made their name known to the world.

Now they are preparing something new.

BTS who has rewritten the history of not just Korean pop, but international pop music as well, is expected to pioneer a new path and further develop their own unique style this year.

The world has seen what BTS is capable of and anticipation is running high.

Following their debut in 2013, BTS has always told a story and a message through their albums. 2 Cool 4 Skool, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, and Wings are all great examples of this. The Love Yourself series, too.

Looking at their past albums, it is worth looking forward to what concept BTS will bring out this time. It’s been told that they have a general idea structured out, and are in the process of fleshing out the details. Some tracks have even been recorded already.

And don’t forget, Ed Sheeran teased a possible collaboration between him and BTS!

BTS is planning to release their new album within the first half of 2019.

For now, BTS will continue to work on their album throughout the last leg of their world tour in Asia.

Season 3 of their variety show “Run BTS!” is also available to watch on V Live, so make sure to check that out if you haven’t already!

Source: Sports DongA