BTS Reveals What It’s Like To Collaborate With Nicki Minaj

What’s it like for legends to collab with legends?

BTS dropped a special digital track in their latest album, “Love Yourself: Answer”. The most exciting part? It featured a sick drop from world star Nicki Minaj!


BTS sat down for an interview with Billboard, and they answered a question that’s on every ARMYs mind: “What was it like when you found out that Nicki Minaj was going to be a part of that?

“Super exciting! Nicki!”

— J-Hope


RM called Nicki Minaj “the best” as he revealed that the group is also a fan of her work.

“We’re fans of Nicki Minaj. Of course! She’s like the best now.”

— RM


He would even go far as describing the experience as a “dream“!

Our dreams are really happening.”

— RM


But J-Hope summarized it perfectly as he chimed in…

“We love Nicki!”

— J-Hope


There you have it! That’s what it feels like for legends to collab with legends!