BTS Nominated For Top Social Artist at the 2018 #BBMAS

A.R.M.Y are ready to start voting!

After BTS‘s overwhelming win at the Billboard Music Awards last year, the group is back again competing for the “Top Social Artist Award”!


It seemed that the whole world was waiting in anticipation for the nominees this year. Unfortunately, the exact moment when they announced the results Twitter experienced some major problems and stopped working!


When Twitter was finally fixed, A.R.M.Ys saw the exciting news that BTS is once again up for the award!

The group will be competing against some heavyweights in the social media department. Justin Beiber previously won the award 6 years in a row. Ariana Grande has been nominated four times, while this will be Demi Lovato‘s and Shawn Mendes‘s second nomination.


In addition to the news, it didn’t take long for A.R.M.Ys to notice the connection between the site’s crash and their favorite group.


Since the sites crash can be attributed to the power of BTS, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Twitter has gone absolutely nuts with fans all over the world congratulating them.


A.R.M.Ys are already confident that they can secure a second win for BTS.


The Awards are set for May 20 and fans are already geared up for voting. With the power of their mega-fanbase only one question remains, can A.R.M.Y surpass their previous 300 million plus vote record or not?

Source: Billboard