BTS Is Debuting With “No More Dream” In 2020, Thanks To ARMY

A “new” boy group is set to change history on April 1, 2020.

Have you heard the news? A new K-Pop boy group is debuting in 2020, and their name is BTS!

That’s right! On April 1, 2020, seven rookies (Rap MonsterJinSugaJ-HopeJiminV, and Jungkook) will be dropping their debut song “No More Dream”. You don’t want to miss it.

Hey, wait a minute. BTS? The members look familiar, and I could have sworn I heard “No More Dream” a long time ago…

April Fools! In celebration of this international prank day, ARMY has begun trending hashtags, including #NoMoreDreamIsComing to go back in time and re-debut BTS.

Anyone who missed BTS’s real debut in June 2013 now has the chance to experience the excitement first-hand! Check out the tracklist…

…and watch the “new” teaser here!


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