BTS Now Has The Same Number Of Hot 100 Hits As All Other K-Pop Groups Combined

What an accomplishment!

With BTS‘s latest album release, Map of the Soul: 7, the group has reached yet another milestone in this record-breaking year.

Three of the songs on the album – ON, My Time, and Filter – made it onto the Hot 100 Hits list last week, making their total number of singles on the chart now at 11 – which is as many songs on the list that all other K-Pop groups have had combined in the 60 years that it’s existed.

With three songs currently on the chart, they’ve also earned the title of the K-Pop group with the most songs simultaneously on the list at once.

Their first hit on the chart was the 2017 song DNA, and each year since then BTS has been steadily adding onto the list. These three songs released in 2020 led them to reaching the record number, and the year isn’t even halfway through yet!

Only 6 other K-Pop groups have ever even made it on to the Hot 100 Hits list, and most with no more than one song. Psy leads the way among them, with both the highest-ranking song on the chart as well as the most placements. He has four total on the chart, with Gangnam Style having peaked at the #2 spot.

BLACKPINK is next on the list, with three hits total, though one of them was as a featured guest in another song. Former 2NE1 soloist CL has made the list twice, though one of those was as a featured artist in one of Psy’s songs mentioned earlier.

The other three artists that each have a song on the chart are Pinkfong, Wonder Girls, and BTS member J-Hope as a solo act. Whether BTS or another artist makes the next K-Pop ranking on this list, only time will tell! But congrats to BTS!