BTS Are THE Number One Most Wanted Celebrity For CF’s In Korea Right Now

No one is more popular in Korea right now.

Not only are BTS killing it around the world, but their home country of South Korea is also looking at them as the number one celebrity in the country right now.


CF’s are extremely important for celebrities in Korea, as not only are they a great source of income, but they also correlate with how popular a celebrity is.

The most popular celebrities will receive the CF’s for the most popular products and brands, and along with that, will command the highest prices.


An expert in the advertisement business stated that because of BTS’ domestic and global popularity, any product they decide to model for will instantly show growth in sales.

“Everyone is in a state of frenzy to get BTS as their model. If the product model is BTS, not only will the brand and product value increase, but they will also be able to see the effects of the popularity of BTS.” — Advertisement expert 1


Companies are beginning to get rid of their price limits on CF models, and are telling BTS that they will pay whatever they want.

“We are starting to see the condition that the price for the CF doesn’t even matter any more, they just want BTS to be their model. Right now, the number one most wanted CF model has to be BTS.” — Advertisement expert 1


BTS’ 1 year CF deals paid them around ₩900 million KRW ($831,960 USD) in 2017, but those numbers are definitely going up.

After their success on the Billboard charts and the release of their 3rd full album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’, that number is expected to increase to ₩1.5 billion KRW ($1,386,600 USD).


The current top CF models in Korea, Song Joong Ki and Gong Yoo, are both receiving between ₩900m-1b KRW ($831,960-924,400 USD) per CF.

This was previously considered the top class of CF deal payments, which means BTS will be breaking that barrier and creating their very own level.


Currently, BTS are the models for 7 brands: Puma, Coca-Cola, LG (G7), Smart Uniforms, Lotte Duty Free, Kookmin Bank, and VT Cosmetics.

None of their CF deals conflict with each other, making it the perfect mix of advertisements where they can hit every industry.


The issue in the future is that even though so many companies are willing to shell out for BTS, they won’t be able to accept them, even if they wanted to. BTS simply has no time.

“When signing as a CF model, there are stipulations such as multiple filmings for different CF’s related to that brand and brand related fan signs. BTS has too tight of a schedule that makes it hard to fit in these advertiser related events. So even if BTS would receive extremely high-paying CF deals, it’s difficult to accept them” — Brand Official

Source: Ilgan Sports