BTS To Be The Official Seoul Ambassador For The Third Year In A Row

They’ve been the ambassadors since 2017.

BTS will continue to be the Seoul Ambassador. They have been the ambassadors for the past three years.

The Seoul Tourism Foundation announced on September 9 that BTS would be released to the world video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to promote tourism to Korea’s capital on the 13th.

BTS has been the honorary ambassadors for Seoul since 2017.

The promotional video slogan “Live Seoul Like I Do” analyzes the tastes and interests of people visiting Seoul, coexisting with nature, the traditional side and the urban side, re-energizing themselves, and enjoying daily. Seven themes were set from this, including escape, local experiences, fun moments, and vacations in the city.

The BTS members will appear in the promotional videos for each theme, one theme for each member. Jungkook will be promoting natural landscape while RM will be supporting the coexistence of tradition and urban lifestyles. Suga will be focused on re-energizing one’s self, while V will promote daily escapes in Seoul. Jimin will be promoting unique experiences you can only get in Seoul, J-Hope will be spreading joyful moments in the city, and Jin will be showing off a vacation in the city.

Lee Jae Sung, the CEO of the Seoul Tourism Foundation, said,

BTS will help make Seoul an attractive tourist destination and will draw from the perspective of foreigners living in or experiencing Seoul. We look forward to creating and sharing videos for ‘Visit Seoul’  and help spread trends in tourism for those who will travel to the city.

Source: Naver