BTS Officially Becomes Global Model for FILA

The group’s promotions will be seen all over the world!

BTS has signed the new agreement to be FILA’s official endorsement models.

FILA will be working to support and promote BTS not only in Korea but also in the U.S., Europe, and other parts of Asia.

The company plans to expand its communication and use it as an opportunity to enhance its brand image.

FILA’s spokesperson commented,


We are happy to be working with a group that has become such a positive influence all over the world. We are thankful for all the support and attention we have been receiving.


BTS worked with PUMA for the past 5 years but decided to cut ties and begin a new relationship with FILA.

The contract has been signed for the entire brand and not just FILA Korea. Be on the lookout for promotions from BTS all around the world!

Source: star today