BTS Is Opening A Special Exhibition For Fans, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

It’s your chance to view some never before seen photos and videos!

Brace yourselves ARMY because BTS are getting ready to open a very special exhibition just for fans!


The exhibition is a way for fans to further connect with the boys.

Promotional photos for the show from @bts.bighitofficial


There will be many unseen photos of the group preparing for their album as well as photos taken from special events.


On top of that, there will also be photos and videos on display that were captured by the members themselves and there will be a space where fans can create special memories and communicate with the members.


There will be plenty to see as the showcase will be held from the first basement floor to the fourth floor of the ARA Art Center in Seoul! That’s 5 whole floors of BTS goodness!


The exhibition will be called “2018 BTS EXHIBITION ‘ 24,7=Serendipity (Five, Always)'” and will be BTS’s second exclusive exhibition after 2015’s “Butterfly Dream.”


The name of this exhibition is particularly sweet as “Five, Always” is a play on words in Korean. “O, neul” means today but it also can stand for the group’s five years together.


Together with the exhibition’s slogan, “today that connects the past and future,” BTS have created a special celebration of their time with ARMY.


This year’s exhibition will run from August 23 to October 28. So, if you’re in Seoul during this time make sure you check it out!

Source: Seoul Economy