BTS and Park Bo Gum Team Up For Coca-Cola, A Combination We NEED More Of

Think you love Pepsi? BTS and Park Bo Gum might change your mind!

Pepsi fans, get ready to switch loyalties because BTS and Park Bo Gum are now repping Coca-Cola in a brand new commercial.


The ad begins with BTS lounging by the pool on a hot summer day.

Somebody get Jimin some sunglasses!


Enter Park Bo Gum: visual king and bearer of beverages. He isn’t about to let BTS melt away to nothing.

He’s too well-mannered for that!


Park Bo Gum gets the party started by rolling a bottle of Coca-Cola in BTS’s direction.

It rolls into the pool, catching their attention.


Nothing is more refreshing than an ice water fight…except for a nice, cold bottle of Coke!


After taking a dip in the pool, BTS and Park Bo Gum end the ad by toasting to their beverage of choice.


Fans are absolutely loving this collaboration! They’re overjoyed to see these 8 handsome and talented stars enjoying the summer together.


Coca-Cola should give their marketing team a raise because they couldn’t have picked a better selling point than BTS x Park Bo Gum. Even longtime Pepsi fans are now ditching their preferred soda for Coke!


Are you Team Pepsi or Team Coca-Cola? Check out the commercial, and then decide!



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