BTS Celebrates “Permission To Dance” Billboard Hot 100 Debut, Thanks ARMY

Congrats, BTS!

It’s official; there’s a new king in town, and its name is “Permission to Dance!”

Jin and Jungkook in “Permission to Dance” MV.

Today, Billboard announced that BTS’s new single has scored the No.1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, dethroning “Butter.” After holding the top spot for a historic seven weeks, “Butter” has dropped to No.7.

Now, BTS and ARMY are celebrating! On WeverseRM shared a screenshot of the Hot 100 chart ranking and a heartfelt post, thanking fans.

| Weverse

I’m so emotional right now! Honestly, I’ve grown kind of numb to both happiness and sadness because it has been so long since I got to see you all in person. But today, I’d like to close my eyes, dance away, and really embrace this feeling… because I am happy for sure! Thank you so much for making me feel this way. I’m truly honored. I am forever grateful.I hope we can come together soon, because I really can’t wait to share these moments with you in person! Thank you with all of my heart.

— RM

Suga was the next to post, and he couldn’t contain his excitement!

| Weverse

I give everyone permission to dance!!! Let us dance away in joy today! Thank you so much ARMYs T-T

— Suga

“Wait, no way?! Is this supposed to make sense?” Jimin wrote, in disbelief.

| Weverse

He wondered what he could say or do to show ARMY his gratitude.

| Weverse

What could I possibly say to show you how I feel right now?

— Jimin

It didn’t take Jimin long to find the perfect way to convey his love and thanks to ARMY for their unwavering support. He posted this photo of himself doing a formal bow, showing ARMY the utmost respect.

| Weverse

Thank you so much once again for your endless love and support. And I’ll continue to work hard. Please stay happy. We want you to be happy.

— Jimin

ARMYs weren’t the only ones who saw Jimin’s post. Jin referenced it in his own post, saying that he wants to do the same thing to thank ARMY.

| Weverse

My phone kept buzzing so I checked and it said PTD is #1. I’d share a picture of me bowing down too T-T I’ll keep working harder, thank you!

— Jin

If you haven’t seen it yet, watching “Permission to Dance” MV here:

Source: Billboard