ARMYs Think BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Music Video Reminds Them Of “High School Musical,” And Now We Can’t Unsee It

“We’re all in this together!”

BTS recently released their music video for the track “Permission To Dance,” and, as expected, ARMY has gone crazy over the uptempo, feel-good, and meaningful track! Throughout the video, the members look like they’re just having a lot of fun radiating positive energy.


As soon as the track was released, some ARMY noticed something about the music video. Fans noticed that some of the scenes resembled the well-known Disney movie franchise High School Musical. It was even trending on social media after the release of the video!

Fans took to social media to show comparisons between the well-loved movie franchise and BTS’s new music video.

In particular, many noticed that Jungkook‘s scene in the laundromat seemed to exude musical vibes. With the flashing lights, dance moves, and catchy tempo, it definitely wouldn’t look out of place in the movies.

It wasn’t just Jungkook who fans thought perfectly portrayed Disney teen-Summer movies. As expected, BTS treated ARMY to some high-energy group choreography scenes, and many saw that the synchronized dancing and high-energy seemed similar to the final song, “We’re All In his Together.”

It wasn’t just the video that fans thought radiated musical vibes. The song itself seemed to have so many layers that the comparisons ranged from the up-tempo tracks to the more nostalgic songs from the later movies.

If it wasn’t enough that “Permission To Dance” reminded fans of High School Musical, it also seems as if BTS might be creating their own trilogy.

After releasing a series of feel-good songs with “Dynamite,” “Butter,” and now “Permission To Dance,” BTS has definitely made a trio of songs that could easily rival the franchise radiating positive vibes to fans worldwide.

With a melody, video, and message aiming to radiate positivity, it is easy to see where the comparisons to the feel-good Disney film come from!

Make sure to watch the whole music video below.

Source: HYBE LABELS and FI