Backup Dancer For BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Spills The Tea On The Members’ Real-Life Visuals

She got to see them up, close, and personal!

There is no denying that when it comes to BTS, they are literally the full package. They are extremely talented, very handsome, and their personalities are second to none. Yet, most of us have never seen them up close and personal to confirm this.

Members of BTS | @bts_twt/ Twitter

However, there are some lucky ARMYs worldwide who have had the privilege of being near them and interacting with the group in some way.

One of those who recently shared her experience of being their backup dancer was Bibi, from the YouTube channel LiveOutLoud. Bibi shared a photo of herself backstage and on stage as one of the dancers at their recent concert. As an ARMY, she was definitely living everyone’s dreams.

Bibi | @liveout.loud/ Instagram
Bibi dancing in the back for BTS’s concert. | @liveout.loud/ Instagram

Yet, she also posted a video sharing her experiences from working with the group during the show. In particular, one question she was asked was, “How are they in real life physically?”

Bibi explained that although it might not seem surprising, they look exactly like they do on live broadcasts. She shared that the members were doing the rehearsals without makeup and then wearing makeup for the show.

Yet, what she was most shocked about was the height of the members and how tall they all were. In particular, two members stood out for their proportions: RM and Jin.

The most impressive ones were RM and Jin. They were really tall.

— Bibi

Although her friend Leslie seemed shocked that youngest member Jungkook wasn’t part of that list, Bibi didn’t want anyone to think she didn’t think he looked amazing, adding, “Jungkook looks good.

He looks really good. Seriously, what shocked me the most about Jungkook is that we see him in pictures or his stories. In real life, he looks like a baby. It’s a babyface over a masculine body, and I don’t understand. He looks his age.

— Bibi

When Bibi started talking about the other members, she explained that it wasn’t too shocking as she’d seen the group before. Yet, that didn’t stop her fangirling over each members’ visuals and how she was “shaken.”

Jimin was so cute… RM is the most impressive. Yeah, he’s built like… when they were getting ready, he was the one you could see from far away. He was always the one you saw first, and he had blonde hair.

— Bibi

When it came to J-Hope, although Bibi explained that he didn’t really look much different in real life, she gushed that he looked really good. However, it was Suga that seemed to capture her heart with his visuals. Leslie joked that Bibi had messaged saying Suga looked like art in real life, and it seems she sticks by that.

I don’t know. He just looks really good. He’s becoming more handsome now. I was just thinking, ‘Wow.’ That happened.

— Bibi

She finally came to V, and she was wary at first because she didn’t want ARMYs to attack her. Although she didn’t talk about his visuals, she shared his real-life personality. She added that he actually acknowledged them when he saw the dancers as to say they looked good. Obviously, it wasn’t surprising that Bibi went crazy.

As expected, BTS continues to cement that they are true visuals, and it isn’t just the smoke and mirrors of editing. Throughout the video, Bibi also praised the members for their professionalism and their dedication to diversity in their shows.

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: LiveOutLoud