BTS’s “Persona” Trailer Song Is Making Billboard Chart History

This comeback bop has helped BTS reach a new milestone.

BTS‘s comeback album isn’t out yet, but it’s already making a splash on Billboard‘s music charts.


On March 27, BTS released their comeback trailer, which features RM‘s solo song “Persona”. In just one week, the video has racked up over 23 million views on YouTube and has trended worldwide.


“Persona” takes listeners back to BTS’s roots with its strong hip-hop vibe, and a sampling from BTS’s 2014 album Skool Luv Affair. Both old fans and new fans instantly fell in love with the song, so much so that they helped it set a new record.


As of April 3, “Persona” is the first BTS trailer to enter the Billboard YouTube Song chart before the release of the actual song. It’s also the first time a BTS comeback trailer to enter the chart. It entered the chart at #17.


“Persona” is also now the fastest comeback trailer to surpass 20 million views, and it broke records by hitting 3 million likes on YouTube in just 3 days!


BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona will be out on April 12, and fans can’t wait to hear it!