ARMYs think there’s more to it.

For the past few days, BTS has been teasing ARMYs with social media posts about “MNCR Logistics.” It invited ARMYs to track their shipment.

ARMYs theorized that it was teasers for an anniversary project for The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) album series, as it will be the 10th anniversary next year. Some also thought it might be a new album released when BTS returns from mandatory military service next year. MONOCHROME could be the title of the project based on the shipping info given.


Now, the shipment has arrived, and an official announcement has been made as to what MONOCHROME actually is.

Today, BTS announced POP-UP : MONOCHROME. It will be held from April 26 to May 12 in Seoul.

Another trailer was released, featuring the concept of shipments being packaged and sent. Yet, not much information was revealed.

The pop-up event is not exclusive to Seoul, though. It will also be held in Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and Manila. You can check out the dates and locations below.

SEOUL: 04/26 – 05/12
TOKYO: 05/03 – 05/26
JAKARTA: 05/09 – 06/23
BANGKOK: 05/10 – 06/23
LA: 05/16 – 05/27
MANILA: 05/24 – 06/30

— @BTS_official/X

| @BTS_official/X

ARMYs believe that more is on the way. This is only the beginning of BTS’s new era.

Will you be attending the pop-up event?


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