North Korean Defectors Explain Just How Popular BTS Is In North Korea

Even if it’s dangerous to like BTS there.

BTS is undeniably one of the biggest groups in the world, but does their popularity reach even North Korea?

In the most recent episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, North Korean defectors Kang Nara and Park Yoo Sung were invited to speak about Hallyu in North Korea.

When BTS was brought up, Park Yoo Sung revealed that they are, in fact, extremely popular in North Korea—so much so that they even have a code name: “These days, you can’t say ‘BTS’ right away, so people use a secret code“.

If North Koreans were to say “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” out loud in public, they would be caught. They coined the term “Bulletproof Backpack” to avoid that from happening.

Have you ever heard of ‘Bulletproof Backpack’? Because if you say ‘Bulletproof Boy Scouts’, you’ll get caught.

— Park Yoo Sung

Kang Nara shared the moment she learned about BTS’s explosive popularity in North Korea.

I heard this from a North Korean friend who came to South Korea two years ago. Everyone knows who BTS is, and they even hum ‘Spring Day’.

— Kang Nara

She ended by confirming BTS’s influence in the North: “BTS is famous even in North Korea“.

In case anyone was doubting, here’s further proof that BTS’s worldwide popularity is no joke! Many North Koreans like BTS even if it is dangerous for them to do so.

Learn more about K-Pop in North Korea by watching the full video below.

Source: AYO