BTS’s Popularity In Japan Has Hit An All-Time High With The Release Of “Dynamite”

There’s no stopping BTS!

BTS’s popularity in Japan is already top-tier for the K-Pop idol industry. They are also the first third generation K-Pop idols to hold a dome tour in Japan.

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Out of the five domes, an artist must hold a tour in at least three or more of these domes for it to be counted as a ‘tour’. For BTS, they held a dome tour in four of the domes and became the first K-Pop idols to hold a dome tour out of all the idols that debuted after 2012.

As artists, they have already reached the top in Japan. But after the release of “Dynamite” last August, their popularity soared even more than ever thought possible.

Taking a look at the Japan charts, you can see that they hit number one in the second week after its release and again in the fifth week. The sudden rise in the fifth week was because they performed on a Japan broadcast that same week.

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The viewer ratings for that broadcast was 17.7%, showing just how popular the group was in Japan.

Taking a look back at the charts, “Dynamite” reached over 200,000,000 streams in just 20 weeks, proving their song to be a mega-hit.

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As a result, BTS ranked first for the highest number of Japanese views on YouTube in 2020.

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Many popular Japanese celebrities also fell into the “Dynamite” hole and posted TikToks and dance covers of the song.


EXILE’s Atsushi

Fuji TV Announcer

While BTS’s album sales always do fairly well in Japan, BTS’s BE album sold 5,800 copies in its first week of album sales.

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They even had ten of their videos in the Top 100 Japan popular video list, showing just how much influence BTS had in Japan.

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Long story short, BTS has outdone themselves once again in Japan with their single “Dynamite”, making their popularity rise even higher than ever before.

Source: theqoo