BTS Praised For Their Humble Actions Towards Their Juniors During “M COUNTDOWN”

They may be Kings, but they’re humble Kings!

BTS may be worldwide superstars, but they’re as humble as they were since the beginning of their career! During M COUNTDOWN, BTS was nowhere to be seen during the ending stage.


Many believed they didn’t attend the winner announcement because of their busy schedule or because they weren’t nominated for #1.

But upon closer look… BTS was all the way in the back!


Fans spotted RM quietly walking off stage during IZ*ONE‘s encore performance.


They also spotted Jimin waving to the fans while walking out surrounded by his juniors.


And Jin was literally the last person to walk off stage after all of his juniors (aside from IZ*ONE) had left.


Fans claim BTS stayed at the back to show a sign of respect to their juniors who were nominated for the 1st and 2nd place. They did not want their stardom to cast a shadow on their spotlight.


Netizens and fans praised BTS’s humility and were amazed by how BTS still puts their juniors first!


What else would you expect from worldwide humble kings?!

Source: Nate Pann