BTS Gets Praised By Korean Netizens For Their Korean Pride Amidst The Ongoing Disagreement Between Koreans And Chinese Regarding The Hanbok

Korean netizens are praising them.

Tensions between Koreans and the Chinese are high with regards to the ongoing debate about the origins of the Hanbok. Many K-Pop fans will know of the Hanbok as Korea’s traditional outfit, dating back to previous dynasties as often depicted in sageuk dramas. However, recent Chinese sentiment has claimed the Hanbok as of Chinese origin. BTS is gaining praise for a recent interview they gave with Cosmopolitan magazine.

Upon being asked for their favorite look ever worn in concert, Suga revealed that he enjoyed “IDOL” the most in terms of styling.

RM immediately chimed in, saying he loved the Hanbok.

Jungkook also shared he picks “IDOL” as his favorite, and mentioned the Hanbok as well.

RM and Suga mentioned that the Hanbok was extremely comfortable to don.

While Suga tried to explain the Hanbok as a part of traditional clothing of Korea, Jungkook summarized it concisely in English with “Korean culture!

Netizens are praising the group for their firm outlook of the Hanbok.

  • “Cool”
  • “So refreshing kkkkk”
  • “Really those fans who only like BTS as part of Korean pride and ask them to do this and do that, I f*cking dislike those fans!! Don’t try to politicise BTS as they are also people who make songs and performances out of their own personal experiences and they themselves love to perform.”
  • “I feel so refreshed”
  • “Good”
  • “I love the song even more because it is one they wear hanboks in. K-Idols are the best”

Watch the full video below.

In other news, BTS has recently come back with “Life Goes On”. Take a look at the chart-sweeping hit below.

Source: theqoo