Here’s What BTS Really Did During Their Pre-Recordings At Gayo Daechukje

The crowd was thoroughly entertained.

At the 2018 KBS Gayo Daechukje, BTS had pre-recorded performances of their solo songs from Love Yourself that were to be aired before they performed “Fake Love” live. Many thought that BTS would be backstage resting before their performance, but that was not the case!

Crowd footage has emerged that shows what the boys were getting up to on stage while the pre-recording for “Epiphany” was playing.

The live crowd was greeted to the sight of Jimin propositioning Jin…

… and RM making fun of Jin during his own song!

Not to mention V giving Jin some pointers on how to play to the crowd.

Speaking of V, he was also spotted hanging out by the backup dancers during Suga’s performance of “Seesaw” for the live crowd. You can tell that he is a big fan of Suga by the way he dances along!

He looked joyous during his performance of “Singularity” as well while his pre-recording was playing.

BTS went to great lengths to keep the crowd entertained during the pre-recordings. Another example of their tireless work rate but also their ability to have fun.

And to top it all off, their performance of Fake Love was incredible.

Source: HOPEYES218