BTS Is Preparing For A Comeback In April or May

They’re going to make a comeback.

Update: Big Hit Entertainment has released their statement, denying the reports. Read their full statement below.


Insider reports have stated that BTS were seen filming their comeback music video in the Namyangju area of South Korea. The music video was filmed under extreme privacy, making sure no specific details would be leaked.


The reports also detailed how BTS is expected to make their comeback in late April or in May, depending on the exact finalized schedule.


During many of their recent events, the BTS members, including Jin, RM, and Jungkook, all hinted at a comeback coming soon! Jin mentioned they were working on a new album during their Seoul Music Awards victory speech while RM and Jungkook both hinted at a secret recording while chatting with fans.


Big Hit Entertainment has denied the report, saying that the report was false, the group has not filmed a music video, and they will reveal details about BTS’s comeback when they are confirmed.

“News about the music video recording are not true. They did not film a new music video. We will reveal details when the comeback is actually confirmed.”

— Big Hit Entertainment


Whenever the comeback is, it is sure to be a grand one, as only BTS can do!

Source: Sports Chosun