BTS’s Suga Produces Japanese Singer ØMI’s Title Song For New Digital Album

PROD. SUGA is coming!

BTS‘s Suga is returning as Prod. SUGA for Japanese Singer ØMI‘s latest project!

ØMI (also known as Hiroomi Tosaka) is a member of the J-Pop group Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe and is an actor. He is returning again as a soloist after five months to continue his single album ANSWER… SHADOW. During this time, he made life changes, choosing to be more independent as he worked on his solo project under his own company CDL Entertainment. This way, he could produce his own music. This was also when he announced that his stage name would be changed into ØMI.

The sequel to ANSWER… SHADOW is ANSWER… SHINE. Like the first single album, it will include just a few songs.

The first song is “You,” which is produced by Suga of BTS. It is said that they worked directly with each other on the song’s production. It’s a sweet pop song dedicated to “You = fans” with a sound that is equal parts refreshing and edgy.

| ØMI/YouTube

The second track is “Starlight,” a love song that communicates one’s truest feelings.

The songs will be released on Friday, October 15. It will also include a music video on ØMI’s official YouTube channel. Fans can expect a beautiful work of art as filming was done on location in nature.

| ØMI/YouTube

Check out the official trailer below:

Source: Wikipedia and Tribe