BTS Prove They Are True Professionals When Preparing For Their Performance At The UN General Assembly

ARMYs don’t expect anything less!

When it comes to BTS, there is no denying that they are nothing short of professionals. Whether performing on a vast stage or in front of small crowds, they always want to put on the best performances for ARMYs worldwide, and that includes every small detail.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

The group recently released footage from the filming of their performance at the UN General Assembly. Yet, aside from the odd chaos fans love from the members, the group also showcased just how professional they are when it comes to performances.

BTS at the UN General Assembly | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

While practicing for the “Permission to Dance,” the members were constantly helping each other with tips that they thought could improve the performance even more.

While watching a rehearsal back, V pointed out where RM might have gone slightly wrong. Despite being the leader, RM listened carefully to V’s advice as he gave the corrections.

Even as they were going through the dance in the building, the members constantly asked each other for direction and ensured their actions didn’t impact the others.

During one of the run-throughs, although it seemed perfect to ARMYs, it was easy to see that the members weren’t happy with what it looked like. Despite the long schedule, each time even the smallest thing went wrong, they wanted to shoot again to make it perfect.

| United Nations/ YouTube 

Even when it was on what Jimin described as the “final final final final final” take, the members continued to strive for perfection. In particular, when BTS was monitoring their performance, Jin pointed out that V was 0.1 seconds faster than the other members when stepping out.

Although it looked amazing and seemed to add to the performance, BTS showcased that they love everything to be perfect and did one more take!

In the end, one final take was a charm as the members perfectly pulled off the first part of the performance. It is no surprise that the performance turned out spectacularly, and ARMYs worldwide couldn’t get enough with all this work.

As expected, BTS continues to prove that, even though they are all naturally talented, the members put in a lot of hard work and professionalism to create performances they can be proud of.

You can watch the whole video below.