BTS Proudly Brags About Raising Jungkook To Jimmy Fallon

BTS went back in time to Jungkook’s high school days on “The Tonight Show”.

Before BTSJungkook was a shy teen from Busan with big dreams. Now, he’s grown up into a record-breaking superstar alongside the hyungs who raised him.

| Tonight Show/Youtube

On Day 3 of “BTS Week” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, BTS looked back on their high school days. All the members attended Jungkook’s high school entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony because it was after their debut.

While Jungkook was speaking, his hyungs kept interrupting to brag about how they helped the him through his school days. “I raised him up,” Suga said, but Jin wasn’t about to let him take all the credit.

“You can’t live without me,” added, making Jimin laugh.

Jungkook continued talking as if he hadn’t heard a thing, but Jin and V weren’t done one-upping each other.

Jin bought Jungkook’s food, but V was the one who prepared it!

Jin looked back at V, ready to argue…

…and then there’s leader RM, wondering if their interview is about to run off the rails.

Before that could happen, Jimmy Fallon moved on to the next question. Crisis averted!


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