BTS Proves They’re All Legendary Visuals In “GQ” Special Edition Making Film

They all look amazing!

Every member of BTS is so handsome!

BTS | @bts.bighitofficial/Instagram

The BTS members were the cover stars of a special edition collaboration between Vogue Korea and GQ Korea. Needless to say, they all rocked their photoshoots and looked incredible!

| Vogue Korea

GQ just released footage from the photoshoot, and all the members looked like models!

1. RM

RM is working it in his turtleneck and chain!

| GQ KOREA/YouTube

He’s literally just sitting there and he looks incredible.

His gaze is so powerful!

2. Jin

As expected, Worldwide Handsome absolutely crushed this photoshoot!

He’s a natural model.

He’s a master at posing!

3. Suga

Even with just half his face showing, it’s clear Suga is super handsome!

He looks good in any lighting.

Two words: Serving looks!

4. J-Hope

He definitely has his runway walk down pat!

He also has us down bad.

Literal definition of “cool shade stunner!”

5. Jimin

Real icons wear pink!

He rocked this ’80s-esque look.

We will never be over this Jimin!

6. V

His visuals are mind-blowing!

He’s so effortlessly cool.

This is definitely king behavior.

7. Jungkook

The golden maknae is shining!

He’s a literal work of art.

All we can say is wow!

Check out the full video below!