BTS Continued The Highly-Debated Question On…Butts, And It Unsurprisingly Turned Chaotic

One butt? Or two butts?

In K-Pop, there are a few debates that have caused a lot of friction between group members. Alongside the controversial topic of mint chocolate, another one that has swept K-Pop is the topic of butts… yes, you read correctly. In particular, the question: is it one butt or two butts?

From TXTGFriend, and ATEEZ, idols have wondered what the correct answer could be. BTS has also weighed in on the conversation, and they returned to this debate in the latest Run BTS! episode.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

The members played a well-loved game from episode 65 where the members got sprayed with water if they said certain words. This time, the topic was all about butts and whether they should be counted as one or two.

Jin and Jungkook were the first two to make their point with the group’s oldest member and maknae firmly believing that a butt is two.


While J-Hope also seemed to agree with them, Jungkook thought it was his opportunity to explain why he made the decision. Although the members couldn’t stop laughing, his explanation was thorough, adding, “There are two bums. Right bum and left bum.


Although Suga agreed with Jungkook’s idea of a right and left buttock, his answer was definitely on the team “One Butt.”

There’s left and right buttocks but if you look at it as a whole, it’s one thing. Buttock should be counted as one.

— Suga


If that wasn’t funny enough, Jin and Jungkook started getting very detailed in their explanation with some questionable hand gestures… Jin also added that if you thought it was one, then you only had one leg.


Leader RM was next and, with his intelligence, it wasn’t surprising that he approached the topic from a linguistic standpoint.

I always say this to you. A chunk of watermelon, what do you call a snowball rolled in the now? A big chunk of snowball, the brothers of the butt are saying that I am one.

— RM


After getting the passionate Jin and Suga to stop their debate, it was time for V to give his view that butt is just one, and also had a very detailed reason why.


Even Jimin seemed to relate the idea of having two butts to having two noses. He then explained using the protective mask that they are connected together although there are two butts.


In the end, after V changed his mind and thought it was two, the group continued to be split. With RM, Suga, and Jimin firmly behind one butt with the others on two, the debate is far from over, and it might never be.

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