BTS’ Rap Monster hints at alternate version of “I NEED U” MV

Rap Monster, leader of BTS, has dropped more hints on their ongoing promotions and revealed that there might be another version for their track, “I NEED U.” Recently making their comeback with the release of their 3rd mini-album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Part 1, along with its music video, it seems like an alternate version featuring unused scenes.

Following the the release of the music video, Rap Monster made the following statement through their official Twitter account saying, “Everyone, right now I can’t show you but sometime the deleted scenes will be shown. You will surely be able to watch those scenes. Please look forward to it!” The tweet further included unseen cuts not included in the original video released.

The music video was initially given with 19+ rating and had to be edited to a 15+ prior to its release. It explored the conflicting emotion felt when longing for someone who is so beautiful but so cold.  The melancholy tone and the sheer intensity of their emotion and insecurity of this video was very present and brought a refreshing new perspective of the group’s versatility as artists. It has also offered fans a different side of the group, choosing to shy away from their playfulness or intense concepts and choreography.

This mini-album is the third and final part of their “School Life” themed trilogy and focuses on the anxiety and insecurity felt amongst youths as well as the importance and beauty of this time in a young person’s life. This is the first time that the group tackled the topic of love into their lyrics.

Meanwhile, since the release of the track and music video for “I NEED U,” BTS ranked 1st on various music charts.

Could the possible alternate version of the video give us a different story?

 Source: Xports News